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We are a team on a constant endeavour to change the way we produce and consume food. We do not want ‘eating neat’ just to be a lifestyle, but want it to be a basic right of every human…because it is.

We are passionate farmers fighting towards the journey of healthy organic food for everybody. We are about growing more with less.

When we started to witness a huge water crisis in India and a food security issue that took a huge toll on the agriculture industry, we wanted to step in to help curb both these serious issues through the means of Aquaponics. We believe in bringing sustainable farming to homes across the country and farmers. 

While we bring sustainable Aquaponic farms to you, we can ensure your growing experience would bring you higher yields compared to traditional farming. We strongly feel that it is important to #choosetoeatneat and choose to stay organic and pesticide-free.

It started with an ambition to make sustainable agriculture a reality. While we eat pesticide driven food daily, we never take the time to think about how the food arrived on our plate. While good things happen to people who can grow, pesticide-free, organic produce for their community, we decided to bring the opportunity of Aquaponic farming to the people.

Through collaborations among committed communities that want to help improve overall farming, we started Eat Neat Project to bring sustainable farming solutions and help revitalise rural and urban communities with our Aquaponic Farms.

We want to revolutionize the way we produce and consume food. Giving freshness a whole new benchmark is what we aim for.

We believe your food shouldn’t have travelled more than you have and thus our endeavour to reduce food miles by bridging the gap between harvest and your plate.

We want people to see this profession not from the traditional lens but more like 21st Century tech-savvy mompreneurs who embrace this sustainable model.

We assist people in their endeavour towards adopting a sustainable model by providing our expertise to people who wish to set up their own commercial, rooftop aquaponic system.

As part of our consulting, we provide end to end services covering all the facets of the project–from curating the most robust design to marketing your produce we have got you all

We are also empowering the Farmprenuers of tomorrow by training people on the nuances of aquaponics. Doorstop delivery of the freshest,organic produce right from our farms directly is what we seek immense pride in.

Pre-incubated by IIM

Eat Neat Project is an NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore’s Pre Incubated Agritech Startup.

​Sustainability and conservation of natural resources on a local, national and even global scale is of critical importance to humanity. ENP focuses on solving these challenges in the field of agriculture. With IIM pre incubating Eat Neat Project, we are sure to impact the community on a larger scale.

ENP has trained and inspired local farmers across India, we had the privilege of offering groundbreaking solutions that would help solve the pressing concerns of the farmers in the field of agriculture.

Eat Neat Project also has trained 650+ students both national and
international, including the students from University of Gastronomical Sciences in Italy, as well as other aquaponic enthusiasts across India.

Our farmers

Bharath Dayananda

Founder & CEO

Bharath has worked for Europe’s largest Aquaponics farm and learnt thoroughly about aquaponics and how it can be used to grow more with less in India.

Having over 3 years of experience in Aquaponics, he is one of the very few people who got an opportunity to work in an aquaponic farm and gain practical knowledge. After that, he formed the Eat Neat Project and set up the farm with the help of Saif and others.

Bharath overlooks the farm and takes care of multiple areas.

Dr. Wilson

Chief Scientist & Technical Director

Dr Wilson Lennard is an Australian scientist with a PhD in Applied Biology and a specialization in the field of commercial Aquaponic Systems.

Apart from his PhD and research experience of over 18 years, Dr Wilson Lennard has extensive “hands-on” industry experience wherein he has designed, constructed, operated and managed many Aquaponic farms throughout his career for commercial and research purposes.


Product Design Specialist

Saif Faisal is an award-winning architect and product designer who has been internationally recognised by Elle Decor, Elle India, Elle Netherlands, MondoArc, Monocle, Designboom, Dezeen, Design-milk, Domus, Minimalissimo, Architectural Digest, Leibal, Curbed NY and many more

He heads the architectural and product design for Eat neat project and has helped bring our farm to life with his unique style of designing. His human-centric vision behind our farm brings out the simple

It is the Human-centric design vision behind our farm that brings a minimalist, earthly and urban feel which makes our farm very unique.

Kunal Jadwani

Business Development Head

Kunal, like Bharath, was initially working for his family business but that didn’t intrigue him much. He was looking for an opportunity to broaden his horizons and got fascinated by the Eat Neat Project. A courtesy call with Bharath is all it took to get him on board leaving everything behind.

Sagar Boddappa

Head Farmer

Sagar is a Permaculture designer certified by Ricozuok who has extensive knowledge in the operations, management and technicalities of running an aquaponic farm. Sagar works round the clock and leads the R&D wing of our project as well. Having established a good rapport
with various vendors across the country, he knows the best in the business.

He is charged with overseeing and implementation of all our new and upcoming projects. He puts in the hard yards and does all that carrying a smile on his face.


Marketing and Hr Head

While Abhisar strives to become one of the best in the marketing field, he stumbled upon Eat Neat Project where he found Aquaponics very intriguing yet interesting and had decided to hop on board. While he takes care of the digital side of things, you will often find him munching on organic veggies from the farm. The organic side of things seems to have brought a new perspective on agriculture for Abhisar.

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