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Indoor Vertical farming VS Greenhouse

  So why do people invest in Vertical farming?  Firstly they are compact farms having more production rate per square metres. This results in saving space and can be designed and built in any climate or location. It minimizes water usage and is environment friendly compared to conventional farming. Let us not forget that such systems

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The Subtle Art of Saving more with Subsidies

Let’s talk about subsidies. India provides many subsidies for agriculture under government boards and schemes. When government subsidies are implemented, it stimulates agricultural production. This increases the overall supply, which increases the quantity of demand and thereby lowers the overall price of the goods or services. http://eatneatproject.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/WhatsApp-Video-2021-04-15-at-11.50.59-PM.mp4 The National Horticulture Board scheme of the government

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Is Organic farming a new fad? Are growers taking advantage of this by selling organic produce at unreasonable prices?

My life 8 years ago was very different. I was encouraged to have sugary cereals for breakfast, chaat in the evening with my grandparents was a neccessity and fast food for dinner was special but hardly a rarity. Over the last 8 years though, the world’s, and my family’s, eating habits have changed drastically. Everybody

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Aquaponic Farm Setup
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