IoT, AI and ML in Urban Farming: The Future of Agriculture

The exponential growth in population across the globe, results in the need for increasing food productivity and innovative methods. The world will be required to produce 70% more food by the year 2050 than it did in 2006, according to the UN food and Agriculture Organization. To meet this demand, we have taken farming to the next level with IoT, AI and ML, transforming agriculture to agritech. Now more than ever, many young urbanites venture into organic farming, and farming is made easier with this technology. So, if Smart Agriculture is the future of agriculture, then what is it all about?

Smart agriculture refers to IoT solutions that are focused on helping farmers minimize the supply- demand gap, by ensuring optimum application of resources to achieve high crop yields and reduce operational costs in the process. This is also known as precision farming, enabling farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity. How? Well, with such technology farmers can monitor the conditions of the field from anywhere. It is data driven and provides accurate insights and can detect issues before they occur as well as make informed decisions on how to avoid them. It makes organic farming highly efficient, precise and profitable than conventional farming.

Conventional farming is not based on accurate data collected from the field, all inputs i.e. fertilizer and pesticide usage in the farm are all based on assumptions. These make room for error, and our current situation cannot afford one. With all of these data, agribusinesses are able to monitor their crops in real-time and with better accuracy. Imagine being able to detect NPK levels in your grow beds or identify plant infections before the symptoms appear. Through image detection, one can also receive accurate information on the pests present. IoT enables farmers to do so, by making real time monitoring and distribution of knowledge possible while AI improves the productivity and efficiency by helping us choose our inputs carefully, thereby bringing down input costs and increasing yield in organic farming. 

As an aquaponics consultant in Bangalore, ENP best believes in the use of technology to optimize farming systems to suit your needs. With the use of IoT, AI and ML, we turn the tables around and make the future of agriculture more certain with our automatic high-res cameras, insect pest counting and classifying algorithms, sensor probes etc. We make organic farming easier to follow and navigate around, for young urbanites who increasingly step into the agricultural Industry. Changing times lead to changing solutions, and IoT, AI and ML are the forerunners for deep technology in the era of precision-based agriculture. The future of farming isn’t farming anymore, it is engineering.


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